Charlotte Freeman is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur in the fashion and jewelry industry. Having grown up in Sydney, Australia, she has immersed herself in the diamond industry, working in the world’s most renowned hubs, including Hong Kong, New York, London, and Singapore. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Charlotte has honed her craft and established herself as an expert in premium stones and custom jewelry. Her passion and talent lie in her ability to create custom pieces that truly embody each client's personality and style, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.Charlotte's work with diamonds extends beyond sourcing, creativity, and design. She is committed to promoting sustainable fashion and values premium quality above all else, ensuring that her products are both ethical and luxurious.With a desire to make New York's premium stone market accessible to people around the world, she founded Heinrich Freeman - a leader in sustainable diamonds.

“I am committed to promoting sustainability, value, and only the highest quality diamonds. With my extensive knowledge and experience, my clients can expect a personalized experience when it comes to their jewelry needs. I pride myself on staying current with the industry's latest trends while utilizing traditional techniques to ensure a timeless quality in each piece I create.”

Charlotte Freeman